Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Essential Wedding Photography Shots

Your wedding day is one you will never forget, and your wedding photography should be able to capture all those wonderful moments for posterity. Every wedding is different, and should be approached with a fresh view, working with the bride and groom to put together an essential list of shots, as well as brainstorming ideas on the general style of photography they are after.

Before you've even got to the ceremony you might want to think about pre-wedding photography such as engagement and 'save-the-date' shoots. These can be a great opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer before you choose a wedding package, from wedding day photography services, all the way from pre-ceremony preparations to the moment the bride and groom retire for the night! Find a photographer that is adaptable so they can accommodate whatever your choice of photography may be, whether it's traditional and posed or more candid and relaxed - or even a mix of styles so that you come out with a great variety of photographs.

It's a good idea to have in mind a 'core' list of shots to encompass all the main aspects of the wedding, and any additional ideas can be added around these. Here's a sample list to give you an idea of what to talk over with your wedding photographer:

Wedding Preparations:

The bride and groom getting ready in their separate places with the bridal party. This is lovely to look back on and to see what your partner was getting up to beforehand! Shots can include: hair and make up; that all-important doing up of the wedding dress; the groom putting on his tie/accessories; the bride's something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue items; flowers; bridesmaids and groomsmen; parents of the bride and groom and so on.

Arrival at the Ceremony:

The often nervous waiting of the groom and the arrival of the bride are both very poignant moments in any wedding and your wedding photographer should always aim to capture these. There is sometimes plenty of time to get some great shots of guests arriving too, and of course your beautiful ceremony room with all its decorations. Often candid shots of these moments are best, as we can catch the little whispers between bridesmaids, reassurances of the groom and teary-eyes parents in their most natural states.

Wedding Ceremony:

Shots of the groom and groomsmen waiting at the altar, the bridesmaids, flower girls and of course the bride's entrance - all timeless and integral photos you'll want to have in your album. Your wedding photographer can discreetly continue to document your ceremony, including your vows, exchanging of the rings, any readings, music and all those adoring gazes and that first special kiss as a married couple!

After the Ceremony:

Here's where most traditional shots are taken - either outside the ceremony room or in a special location such as a garden or in front of a beautiful view. Aim to have photographs of the bride and groom (of course!) along with their bridal party, each side of the family, friends and perhaps even a huge group shot with all the guests. There are a million and one different combinations here, so try to agree beforehand what the plan is to make sure things run smoothly and quickly (before your cheeks start hurting from smiling so much!).


Receptions provide a great opportunity for relaxed, natural photos - there's so much to see! Speeches, cake cutting, guests enjoying themselves, dancing, drinking, chatting, kisses and cuddles... Ask your photographer to try their best to photograph them all, from all your favourite people to all those little details such as centrepieces, the food, decorations and gifts.

Special Locations:

Many receptions and ceremonies are located in beautiful locations and you'll want to take advantage of this to grab some gorgeous photos with the bride and groom. Here's a great opportunity to get lots of couple shots, making the most of that beautiful dress and smart suit and all the lovey dovey looks that will be going on between the happy couple.

Make sure you are happy and comfortable with your wedding photographer, and take the time to make a plan with them before your wedding day to ensure you get the essential wedding shots you want.

We are passionate about our wedding photography, and look forward to the surprises and emotional rollercoaster of each one we attend. We are a pretty unique all-girl team of wedding photographers in Leicestershire and we believe we offer a truly fresh and personalised service. Contact us to find out more about planning your wedding photography and creating your essential list of wedding photography shots.


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