Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bridal Boudoir Photography - First Timers

B-pics are the newest gift for grooms , hot trend amongst brides-to-be , keepsake for loving couples and entertainment for single girls who just want to strut their stuff in front of  the camera.

What are b-pics? 

B-pics are professional boudoir pictures. Inspired by the 1920's, through the 1960's, young brides are hoping to look like glamour girls of the past. Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, are just a few of the more popular icons of the times.Professional boudoir photographers are in high demand as the trend for B-pics rises around the world. B-pics are intended to capture the beauty of the female body , female attitude and sexy energy that is within all women. They are intended to seductive, romantic and sexual in nature. Some B-pics may be classy while others can be much more revealing and naughty.

What's the big deal about B-pics? 

The best thing about boudoir photographs as a gift to your boyfriend, lover or husband is that a girl has the opportunity to have professional hair and makeup, professional lighting, professional photography and editing. It's a chance to look like a super model and give the boudoir photographs to your significant other. Many girls are even taking these B-pics for themselves. With social networks like MySpace and Facebook, girls can post their sexy boudoir pictures online for all of their old friends to envy.

What to expect at a boudoir photo shoot? 

Many boudoir photographers work out of small studios, home studios or will travel to your location. Depending on the boudoir photographer you choose,
  1. Cost-the cost for profession b-pics can range from $300-$900 for a session.
  2. Hair and Makeup-The session generally includes hair and make up, 3-4 outfit changes, professionally edited photos and a cd or prints of the top 20 pictures from your boudoir photo shoot. don't be shy.
  3. Outfits-Once you arrive to the photo shoot, you will need to have your outfits with you. Most boudoir photographers do not provide outfits, simply because it would be too difficult to keep an inventory of various sizes and styles available. The photographer will want to see the outfits and start planning the shoot.
  4. How Long it Takes-The shoot can take anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours depending on how many looks you paid for in your boudoir or bridal boudoir package.after your first hair and make up look is complete you will need to get into your sexy little outfit. Many girls go topless, some go naked. It may seem that many of these girls are professional models, because their b-pics look so professional. This is when you have a good boudoir photographer. The right lighting, the right angles and good editing can make you look like a super model.
  5. Poses-If you have the right photographer, you will be guided and instructed about posing for your boudoir photos. There are pinup poses, bedroom poses, outdoor poses, laying down, standing up and cupcake poses. It is always best to browse photo galleries online before your boudoir photo shoot to see the type of poses that you feel are attractive. You should also practice poses in your own time before your photo session begins. this helps you to become comfortable and confident with your different looks.

Where to find a boudoir photographer?
Many boudoir photographers are going on tour to take pictures in different states. One famous boudoir photographer by the name of Beth Cocuzzi has tours in San Francisco and Las Vegas Regularly. While her home studio is located in Huntington Beach, ca. , many girls can't afford the flight. Many wedding websites like project wedding, the know and wedding bee have forums where girls discuss their personal photo shoots and share their experiences.

How to book a boudoir shoot?

Always be sure to reserve your day with a boudoir photographer at least 30 days in advance. Especially during wedding season, it is recommended to reserve your boudoir shoot 60-90 days in advance. You should always expect to give a non-refundable deposit to reserve your day. 

Last but not least, bring a friend and have fun. If you are having fun with your boudoir photo shoot, the camera will love you. If your B-pics come out amazing, many girls get them professionally bound into leather photo albums called photo books. this is a great way to keep your pictures safe throughout the years.


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